March 22, 2024

Celebrating Siricasso

Siriaco ‘Siricasso’ Garcia, a proud member of Ames High’s class of 2014, is not just painting a legacy with his murals around central Iowa. He is also deeply involved in community engagement efforts, tirelessly working to get more people involved with the arts.

Siricasso, a member of the 11-1 football team in 2013, basketball teams, track and field squad, and prom king, has added a pair of accolades to his life: one of the Des Moines Register’s People to Watch in 2024 and a member of the 2024 Forty Under 40 class, per Des Moines based Business Record.

In his own words, the Huxley-based Garcia describes his occupation: “I am an artist, driven by my profound love for my family and community. I am a muralist, event organizer, screen printer, after school art teacher and a father.” His artistic style, characterized by bold outlines and vibrant colors, serves as a celebration of his Mexican-American heritage and a reflection of his deep connection to his roots.

“I love telling stories in my work, especially my own. I frequently collaborate with other artists of all different facets to be able to bring art to communities I work in,” Siricasso said. “This is best seen through the art events I host regularly to help other artists get exposure to people they would never have encountered and help foster a confidence in their ability to present their work to others. Art is my love and foundation. I hope to create art for as long as I can and help others find that love themselves.”

His favorite classes at Ames High included art, business, environmental science, and math. Advanced art classes were both his outlet and his spark for the future.

“I had so many memories in HS,” Garcia shares. “I was also able to express myself in the art room that would later become my full time gig.”

“Save The Art” was a rallying cry for Siricasso, which guided him through high school. Later, Garcia adopted the slogan to help his community with signature events combining art with accessibility.

For current students who might also be interested in a career field within the arts, Siricasso shares this advice.

“Be patient and trust the process. Embrace collaboration with other artists, as there’s no competition. At the end of the day, it’s only you vs. you. Remember, strangers can be your biggest supporters. Keep going and never let the dream die.” This is the advice Siricasso shares with current students interested in a career in the arts.

Starting March 19, Siricasso, with the help of Des Moines Area Community College students, is painting a mural on the DMACC Boone Campus. Progress of the mural, as well as community events, can be found on his Facebook page.