April 7, 2023

CIML Art Show

The Iowa Alliance Conference Art Show between Ames, Fort Dodge, Marshalltown, and Mason City was hosted virtually by Fort Dodge this year.

A lot of wonderful artwork was submitted. The show was judged by Michele Maring Miller.

Congratulations to the following Ames High School art students who were earned special recognition for their work:

  • Naomi Pena earned Best in Show for their mixed media piece.
  • Aster Mund Best earned Best in 9th Grade 3D for their clay piece.
  • Kianna Testroet earned a Blue Merit for their drawing
  • Elizabeth Lehmkuhl earned Blue Merit for their photo
  • Nadia Mallory earned a Honorable Mention for their clay piece
  • Allison Metschke earned a Honorable Mention for their jewelry
  • Aydreanah Kateti earned a Honorable Mention for their black and white photo
  • Sophia Vernon earned a Honorable Mention for their altered photograph
  • Thomas Lehmkuhl earned a Honorable Mention for their painting
  • Raine McKeller earned a Honorable Mention for their animation
  • Addie Jurgens earned a Honorable Mention for their pen and ink
  • Milo Collins earned a Honorable Mention for their drawing

AHS Senior Art Show

April 7, 2023

Congratulations to AHS Seniors who presented at the senior art show. This amazing showcase of student work spotlights the many artist in Ames High School. Best wishes to our seniors and congratulations to the winners.

Senior Art Award Winners:

Honorable Mention (recognized for their work):

  • Acrylic- Eliza Loecke– Lilacs
  • Mixed Media- Phoenix Sirio– Flower Garden
  • Printmaking- Sebastian Molina
  • Watercolor- Sophia Knoll– Pareidolic, 
  • Watercolor- Ule Mewanu– The Chair
  • Colored Pencil- Katie Eddy– Bridge to the World
  • Graphite Pencil- Thomas Lehmkuhl
  • Pen and Ink- Amelia Hybel– Stained Tree
  • Oil or Chalk Pastel- Thomas Lehmkuhl– Bridge Overlooking King Jame Park
  • Computer Generated Art- Kendra Goodwin– All the Colors
  • Video and Animation- Camden Wacha– Commercial “Clouds”
  • Digital Drawing- Clara Fields– Book Illustrations
  • Collage- Gabriel Sehmann– Floating
  • Graphic Design Commercial Purpose- Camden Wacha– Wacha Nails
  • Graphic Design- Aiden Nigh– Magazine Cover
  • Graphic Design- Cole Crooks– For Peace
  • Altered Photography- Emery Blackburn– The Old and the New
  • Black and White Photography- Darren Lampley– Quiet Place
  • Unaltered Photography- Chris Sehmann– A Festivity
  • Sculptural Ceramics- Dakota Lewin, Picnic Box, 
  • Sculptural Ceramics- Sydney Turk, Moon 
  • Functional Ceramics- Helen Forbes– Mountain Bowl 
  • Functional Ceramics- Julia Carlat– Rainbow Mug
  • Non Ceramic Sculpture- Tayea Popillion– Hello From the Other Side
  • Jewelry or Metalsmithing- Chloe Tucker– Flower Pendant
  • Design- Sydney Turk– 3 Bowl Set
  • 3D Art- Stevey Larson– Metal Tooling

Constant Family Best of Show– Naomi Pena- $250

Amanda Green and Family Award– Zach Pinto- $100

Lorna Schukert and Family 2d Best of Show– Clara Fields- $100

Harrington Family Award– Camden Wacha- $100

Harrington Family AwardKendra Goodwin- $100

Harrington Family Award– Lucas Lueth- $75

Harrington Family Award– Carmen Wendt- $75

Wilson Family Best in 3D and Ceramics Lucy Brekke- $100

Wolter Family Best in 2d, Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media– Krisha Sta. Maria- $100

Cowles Family-Best in 3d Phoenix Sirio- $100

Ann Synder Awards (to be displayed for a year):

  • Sydney Bray– Hooked in
  • Tania Garcia– A Summer Without You
  • Hannah Van Dyke– Waves
  • Lucas-Allan Lueth– Watered Jade
  • Maddi Rodriguez– Carn
  • Emery Blackburn– Silence
  • Lucas- Allen Lueth– Cloudy Prairie
  • Kendra Goodwin– Flip
  • Camden Wacha– New Normal

Baccalaureate (to be on display at Baccalaureate in May):

  • Cadin Preston– Wet Rock
  • Thomas Lehmkuhl– Ukrainian Refugee
  • Phoenix Sirio-Flower Garden
  • Tate Downs- Reflection
  • Lincoln Gartin- Wall of Sound
  • Emery Blackburn- Our Future
  • Clara Fields- Prism
  • Sydney Bray- Sunset Memories
  • Diana Nguyen- Alone
  • Ule Mewana-Chair

JDW Awards (DQ Gift Cards):

  • Thomas Lehmkuhl
  • Diana Nguyen
  • Lucas Lueth
  • Lincoln Gartin
  • Krisha Sta. Maria

William Crow Leadership Award:

  • Krisha Sta. Maria- $75
  • Clara Fields- $75

Octagon Selection (to be submitted for the Octagon Art Contest):

  • Krisha Sta. Maria– Where Art is Made- colored pencil
  • Lucy Brekke-Split the Rim Bowl- ceramics
  • Chloe Tucker– Butterfly Pendant- jewelry
  • Lucas Lueth- Eye-Mazing- digital photo
  • Sydney Bray- Sunset Memories- digital photo
  • Kendra Goodwin- Flip, Flip, Flip- digital photo
  • Thomas Lehmkuhl- Bridge, Overlooking King James Park- colored pencil
  • Naomi Pena- Abstraction- colored pencil
  • Lincoln Gartin- Digitize, Monetize- oil pastel
  • Phoenix Sirio- Possum- glass