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Concurrent Enrollment Changes at AHS

At the December 12, 2022 Ames Community School District School Board meeting, the Board approved adjustments to the concurrent enrollment and post secondary enrollment options (PSEO) opportunities for students. In review of the availability of 85 of the 141 concurrent enrollment courses the board approved revisions to the list, impacting 39 of the contracted courses. The purpose of these revisions was to address barriers in access to college coursework that was impacting some of the Ames CSD students while continuing to align practices to Senior Year Plus (SYP) guidance.

What is the difference between concurrent enrollment and PSEO?

Concurrent enrollment is contracted with a community college and is available to students grades 9 through 12 who meet proficiency eligibility requirements. These courses are available either on the high school campus, community college campus, or online. PSEO is available for grades 11/12 and ELP students in grades 9 and 10 who meet proficiency requirements. Courses are held on a college campus or online.

What changes are being made?

In order to eliminate barriers impacting these opportunities, course changes were recommended to update the list of concurrent enrollment courses. The current approved, contracted concurrent enrollment courses are:

Courses Offered at Ames High School Campus

AHS Course Number and TitleDMACC Course Number and TitleNumber of College Credits
BUS605S1(S2) Accounting 1ACC111 Intro to Accounting3
BUS630X2 Business Engagement CollADM936 Occupational Exp.3
BUS631X2 Adv Bus. Engagement Coll.ADM221 Career Development Skills2
AGR602 Adv. Plant ScienceAGA114 Principles of Agronomy3
AGR601 Adv. Animal ScienceAGS114 Survey of the Animal Industry2
INF202 Microsoft CertificationBCA212 Intro to Bus. Computer Applications3
ELA601S1 AP Lit/Comp Sem 1LIT101 Intro to Literature3
ELA601S2 AP Lit/Comp Sem 2LIT185 Contemporary Literature3
ELA602S1 AP Lang/Comp Sem 1ENG105 Composition I3
ELA602S2 AP Lang/Comp Sem 2ENG106 Composition II3
ELA603 World LiteratureLIT151 World Literature II3
ELA604 Adv. Creative WritingENG221 Creative Writing3
MAT601S2 Pre-CalculusMAT129 Pre-Calculus5
MAT602S2 AP Calculus ABMAT211 Calculus I5
MAT603 StatisticsMAT157 Statistics4
CTE650X2 Internship IWBL10 Employability Skills2
CTE651X2 Internship IIWBL150 Job Shadowing1

Career Advantage Courses Offered at DMACC Campus or Online

DMACC CourseDMACC Course NameCredits
AUT111Intro to Automotive Technology I6
AUT112Intro to Automotive Technology II6
AUT163Automotive Engine Repair3
AUT601Auto Electrical I4
AUT612Auto Electrical II4
BUS102Intro to Business3
CSC116Information Computing3
CON333Materials/ Cost. Theory5
CON334Construction Techniques7
CON336Care/ Use of Hand/ Power Tools1
CON337Const. Blueprint Reading1
CON338Materials Takeoff1
CON341Construction Drafting and Design2
CON347Concrete System & Forming3
CRJ100Intro to Crim Justice3
CRJ141Criminal Investigation3
CRJ107Survey of Criminal Justice3
CRJ201Juvenile Delinquency3
CRR101Sheet Metal Welding2
CRR150Basic Shop Safety1
CRR325Sheet Metal Fundamentals5
CRR742Estimating Theory2
CRR841Principles of Refinishing5
EDU210Foundations of Education3
EDU218Initial Field Experience2
SDV164Electronic Portfolio Development2
WBL100Exploring Careers1
HCM100Sanitation & Safety2
HCM143Food Preparation I3
HCM144Food Preparation I Lab3
HCM152Food Preparation II2
HCM153Food Preparation II Lab2
HSC101Emergency Care1
HSC105Intro to Health Occupations1
HSC109Exploring Health Career/ Building Team3
HSC114Medical Terminology3
HSC172Nurse Aide 75 Hours3
HSC182Advanced Nurse Aide3
WEL228Welding Safety/ Health: SENSE 11
WEL233Print Read/ Sym Inter: SENSE 13
WEL244GMAW Sh Cir Transfer: SENSE 12
WEL245GMAW Spray Transfer: SENSE 12
WEL251GTAW Carbon Steel: SENSE 12

DMACC Courses Offered Online or On Campus (*courses offered on campus at Hunziker Center)

DMACC CourseDMACC Course NameCredits
BIO 112General Biology I4
BIO 733Health Science Anatomy3
CHM 165General Chemistry I4
MUS106Music Theory I4
MUS107Music Theory II4
CIS154Computational Structures3
CSC105Computer Essentials2
MAT166Calculus for Business/ Social Sciences4
*BIO 168*Anatomy and Physiology 14
ANT100Intro to Anthropology3
ART101Art Appreciation3
CIS125Intro to Programming Logic w/3
HSV135Women’s Issues3
HUM120Intro to Film3
LIT188Detective Fiction3
LIT190Women Writers3
LIT193Humor in Literature3
MAT121College Algebra4
MUS202World Music3
PEC110Coaching Ethics, Tech, & Theory1
PEH110Personal Wellness2
PEH178Sports Diversity3
PEH190Sports Nutrition2
POL112American, State, and Local Government3
POL171Intro to Public Administration3
*MAT141*Finite Math4
*MUS100*Music Appreciation3
*SDV108*The College Experience1
*SOC120*Marriage and Family3
BUS102Intro to Business3
BUS148Small Business Management3
DRA101Intro to Theater3
ENV115Environmental Science3
GEO111Intro to Geography3
GEO124Regional Geography3
HIS257African American History3
HUM116Encounters in Humanities3
MGT145Human Relations in Business3
POL121International Relations3
PSY241Abnormal Psychology3
SOC200Minority Group Relations3
ENV116Environmental Science Lab1
BIO 104Introductory Biology w/ Lab3
BIO 112General Biology I lab included3 (2)

Students are required to meet all of the following conditions to be eligible to enroll in any course through a SYP program where postsecondary credit is available to the student including concurrent enrollment, PSEO, and certain career academy courses. Students must demonstrate proficiency in English language arts, mathematics, and science to participate in SYP programming. Eligibility is determined by using performance results on the most recent administration of the Iowa Statewide Assessment of Student Progress (ISASP). 

These changes go into effect beginning the second semester in the 2022-2023 school year. 

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