October 12, 2022

HOPE Pantry Moves to District Office 

The Ames Community School District’s HOPE pantry, which was located at Ames Middle School, has moved to the District Office. This makes the pantry centrally located in addition to two others that were just added this year at both Mitchell Elementary and Edwards Elementary. All pantries are available to students and families in our District struggling with food insecurity. In addition to food, they also have small amounts of school supplies, hygiene, and household items. Food support requests are confidential and information will only be shared with the advocate who fulfills the request and the Student Services Specialist. There are no income guidelines or proof of income required.

Families can access any of the pantries two times per month (excluding emergency situations) by filling out the form on our website to request assistance. Students and families may also contact the Student and Family Advocate assigned to their building. Once a food request is fulfilled, pick up arrangements can be made with the Advocate who will fulfill the request. Contacts per building are:

If you are interested in ways that you can donate food to the pantry, the best way is for individuals or organizations to contact Jean Muhammad, Student Services Specialist. A time will be set up to drop off donations. The most desired items are those that combine to make quality, healthy food such as spaghetti, spaghetti sauce, and ground beef. Foods that require minimal preparation are also a great donation.(i.e. Easy Mac, Spaghetti O’s, fruit pouches, etc.) Space is limited for perishable items so advance notice of donations that would have to be frozen/refrigerated is appreciated. Financial donations are always welcome as those offer the District the most flexibility in meeting the needs of our families.