October 27, 2022

Get to Know Nicole Patton

The Ames Community School District is featuring our amazing Principals and Associate Principals during National Principals Month. Our next feature is Nicole Patton, an Associate Principal at Ames High School. Patton has been an associate principal for three years. Notably, she is a 1990 graduate of AHS.

Patton is inspired by her family and became a principal because she loves working with students and watching them succeed. 

“As a principal, I desire to be an impactful instructional leader who collaborates with others to build a community and culture of collaboration. I believe in working toward a shared vision where we can promote professional learning while doing the best we can for our students,” she said.  “Jon Gordon has a quote, ‘Nothing is more powerful than a humble person, with a servant heart and a warrior spirit who is driven by a bigger purpose.’  I hope that people can see this in my leadership as an associate principal at Ames High.”

She obtained her undergraduate degree from UNI in Elementary Education Certified K-8 and her Masters from Drake University in Literacy Education with a Specialist in Reading, as well as an Advanced Studies Certificate in K-12 Administration.

If Patton had an hour of free time, she would love to hike and take walks with her family and dogs. If presented with the choice of watching a movie or reading a book, she would choose watching a movie. Her favorite school lunch item from the past was known as a “straw hat” at Northwood Elementary. 

“It was taco meat on top of Fritos with shredded cheese – so good!” she said.

Patton’s favorite activity when she was the age of students at AHS involved playing sports; however, she adds that the dances were epic! Students might not know that Patton has been skydiving, she was the nanny for the General Manager of the Orlando Magic where she met Shaq, and was Ms. Pre-Teen Iowa. Her favorite way to connect with students is to be present.

“I love talking to my students and following up with the conversations we have. I hope that the students at Ames High know I genuinely care about them and want to see them succeed,” she said. “I want them to know that I see them, I listen to what they have to say, and I will always cheer them on!”

Patton’s one piece of advice she’d want to share with students and families is that “You matter, always!”

Thank you Associate Principal Patton!