March 6, 2020

Ames High Construction Update and Summer Parking 2020

Ames High Construction Update Parking 2020

Throughout the winter, construction crews have continued to excavate and pour footings and construct foundation walls at the Ames High construction project. As of the end of February, the foundation walls for the south half of the building were approximately 80% complete and the footings for the south half of the building were approximately 94% complete. Other notable milestones include the geothermal vaults being installed in December after 312 wells were drilled throughout the fall.

This summer, the Ames High Construction Project will enter Phase 2 and embark on the most complicated couple of months of the entire construction project. The project will expand north into the current parking lot in the first part of June, immediately after school concludes for the year. Activities that are traditionally held at Ames High are being relocated this summer to other buildings and a few other modifications will also be made around the current high school. The front-drive is getting modified to create a turnaround and drop off space and the parking spots in front of the main entrance and the activities entrance will be converted to handicapped parking spots. 

Additionally, a new major sanitary sewer service line will run through the North parking lot that will go across both driveways. This will create a temporary 20-foot deep trench before it eventually gets backfilled and covered before the start of school. This will limit access to the back side of the building and the main entrance for a time. 

If you do need to access the high school or pool during the summer, here are some parking options:

  • 20th Street
  • Ridgewood Avenue
  • Fellows Elementary School (during the summer or non-school time)
  • Furman Aquatic Center

By August 2020, construction crews will install part of the permanent parking for students and staff to use as we head into the next two school years. 

We apologize for the inconvenience that this will create during the summer and want to once again thank the community for overwhelmingly supporting the new high school.